Health and Wellness Coaching

As fully described in the “My Story” section, I have overcome numerous injuries and a rare debilitating inflammatory disease. As a stressed-out lawyer, I was overweight and pre-diabetic and suffered with metabolic syndrome and myofascial pain syndrome. I had to take all kinds of over the counter and prescription medications. Through extensive research, some trial and error, discipline and hard work, and a change in eating habits, I recovered my health. Now I am college weight without counting calories and completely healthy without taking any medications. I can:

  • Do an “audit” of the food in your house and make recommended changes
  • Teach you how to shop
  • Provide strategies to eat a healthy diet under time and budgetary restraints
  • Outline an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Teach you to “eat this, not that”
  • Help you lose weight
  • Help you start or improve your exercise program
  • Research your medical issues and facilitate the development of a treatment plan
  • Help you treat mood disorders without medication
  • Help you improve your health without medication