Football Coaching

I have been coaching youth football for 10 years. I have been a Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Offensive Line Coach, Special Teams Coach, Quarterback Coach and Running Back Coach. I have extensive experience coaching in a team setting as well as coaching players on an individual basis. I have coached numerous boys who never played football before and transformed them into good football players. Many of the players that I coached at the youth level, some of whom never played before, went on to play football in high school.  Recently, about half of the varsity football team at Torrey Pines High School was comprised of players that I coached.  I am available to:

  • Evaluate players
  • Organize your draft
  • Review your playbook
  • Formulate and teach blocking schemes
  • Assemble a coaching staff
  • Develop practice plans and time management strategies
  • Coach quarterbacks, running backs, receivers and offensive linemen
  • Deliver motivational speeches
  • Analyze film